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Toy line

Wave 1

The Young Justice toy line is a series of 4.75" and 6" figures created by Mattel.

All 4.75" figures will come with a "Collect-to-Connect" piece of the Hall of Justice. The 6" figures come with display bases and are in scale with the DC Universe Classics toy line.

On April 2012, Mattel announced that the toy line would be discontinued due to lack of demand.[1] Samples of some unreleased figures have appeared for sale on auction sites.[2]

On August 1, 2012, Mattel began taking pre-orders for a Miss Martian and Superboy 6" two-pack. The pre-orders did not meet the minimum number required for production.[3]

List of figures Edit

4" single figures Edit

Wave 1[4]

Walmart exclusives:

Wave 2[4]

Wave 3[4]

Wave 4[5] (Cancelled)


4" 2-packs Edit

Wave 1[4]

Wave 2[4]

6" figures Edit

Wave 1[4]

Wave 2[4]

Wave 3[4]

Wave 4[4] (Cancelled)


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References Edit

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