• Please read our IRC information page before connecting to Young Justice Wiki's channel.
  • If you have a client, click here to be taken to the channel through your client.


  1. In the field "Nickname:", type in your Young Justice Wiki user name. If you are not a registered user, it is best to create an account first. If you are already an IRC user, you can use the nick you have.
  2. Do not change the field "#wikia-youngjustice". This is unless you don't want to connect to Young Justice Wiki's channel, and you want to connect to another freenode chat.
  3. In the field given for "reCAPTCHA:", type in whatever you see in the image immediately above. You need to include the spaces. If you want another image, press "Reload".
  4. Press "Connect", the button at the bottom of the form.


  • To change your nickname, type /nick NICKNAME, replacing NICKNAME with your desired nickname. Please keep in mind that some nicknames have already been registered, meaning you may not be able to use them.
  • To register your nickname, type /nickserv register. You must be using the nickname you wish to register.
  • To add a nickname to your account, type /nickserv group. You must be using the nickname you wish to group.
  • To send a user a private message, type /msg USER MESSAGE, replacing USER with the person you wish to message, and MESSAGE with the message you wish to send. For example, /msg Starling When does the next episode air?

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