This article is about the tie-in comics. For the homonymous TV series, see Young Justice.

Young Justice is the name of a spin-off comic book series published by DC Comics and based on the television show of the same name.


The series debuted on January 19, 2011 with issue #0, less than one week after the airing of the second episode of season one. It was written by the show's producer Greg Weisman and staff writer Kevin Hopps. For the following six issues, Weisman delegated the writing to Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani, so that Weisman and Hopps could focus on the scripting, pre-production and post-production of the animated series. However, Brandon Vietti, Weisman and Hopps supervised the writing of the comics to make sure everything was kept in continuity. Mike Norton provided the cover art for these six issues, as well as the interior art for the first four.[1]

Starting with issue #5, Christopher Jones took over as the full time illustrator for the series. He provided interior art and cover for all of the following issues, except for issues #5, #6 and #21, for which he only did the interior art, and issues #12 and #19, for which he only did the covers.

It usually took between four to six months between one issue being plotted and getting published (for instance, issues #13, #14 and #15 were plotted by October 4, 2011 and they were released in February, March and April of the following year, respectively).[2]

By June 13, 2012 and starting with issue #20, the comic was rebranded Young Justice: Invasion to match the title of the shows second season.[2] The series was cancelled in November 2012, as issue #25 was touted to be the "final issue".[3]

The stories are mostly set during the events of season one, with the exception of issues #20-25, which precede the events of season two. However, they don't fit exclusively between the episodes of the show. While some issues do take place between the events of the episodes, others are set during an elapsed period of time within an episode. For instance, issue #0 takes place before, during and after the three days gap at the end of "Fireworks", while the subsequent two issues take place entirely between "Fireworks" and "Welcome to Happy Harbor". Also, some issues expand on the events of the show, like issue #0, whereas others depict events referenced in the episodes, such as issues #1 and #2.

Following the show's revival for a third season in November 2016, Greg Weisman and Christopher Jones have been lobbying DC Comics to revive the comics series as well, spurring fans to show their support by buying the comics digitally.[4][5][6]

Changed plans

There were originally intended to be five or six more issues released prior to the comic being rebranded Young Justice: Invasion to match the second season of the show,[7] which would have been set during season one. However, since the show had already reached the second season, DC wanted the comic to move forward sooner. Writer Greg Weisman wanted the rebranded comic to launch with a big story featuring the whole Team, so the planned stories for those issues were shelved with plans to return to them later on in the run, and issue #20 became the first issue of Young Justice: Invasion.[8]

Milestone characters Icon and Rocket were originally to be featured in the Young Justice: Invasion comics arc. Icon was meant to be one of Kylstar's captives, and Rocket would be part of Zatanna's contingent.[9] Rocket even appeared in issue #20 and Icon was featured on the solicited covers of issues #21 and #23, but he was later removed from the dressed covers, and Greg Weisman was forced to rewrite both characters out of issues #21-25. The writer ascribed this decision exclusively to DC Comics,[9] but the reason behind it remains undisclosed.

Unpublished stories

Since its cancellation, Greg Weisman and Christopher Jones have revealed some details about the unpublished planned stories:


Title Written by Penciled by Release date #
"Stopover" Kevin Hopps &
Greg Weisman
Mike Norton January 19, 2011 0
Based on the upcoming hit animated show from Warner Bros. debuting on Cartoon Network! Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash and Aqualad star in this explosive issue kick starting an all-new ongoing series! They're four young superheroes learning how to be a team ... and maybe doing a bit of growing up along the way – but only just a little bit!
"Haunted" Franco Aureliani &
Art Baltazar
Mike Norton February 16, 2011 1
It's moving-in day for Superboy and Miss Martian as they choose their rooms at their new headquarters! But the Boy of Steel is haunted by the cave's memories and strange visions of his past...
"Monkey Business" Franco Aureliani &
Art Baltazar
Mike Norton March 16, 2011 2
Superboy discovers that an unwanted guest in the Team's cave is not really what he appears to be! Is the threat deadly to only The Boy of Steel – or is the entire Justice League in danger, as well? Superboy struggles to find the balance between fighting for himself and for the sake of others!
"Hack and You Shall Find" Franco Aureliani &
Art Baltazar
Mike Norton April 20, 2011 3
On a hunch and in an attempt to improve their teamwork, Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad try to prevent an assassination carried out by the League of Shadows. But will they be able to save the target if they can't even save themselves?
"Face Your Fears" Franco Aureliani &
Art Baltazar
Mike Norton May 7, 2011 SS
Super Sampler
This super sampler is the perfect place to check out two sensational series from the DC Kids line, Young Justice and Batman: The Brave & The Bold, based on the popular animated series seen on Cartoon Network. It includes two exciting, all-new stories that readers of all ages will enjoy!
"By Hook or by Web" Franco Aureliani &
Art Baltazar
Mike Norton May 16, 2011 4
A woman is targeted by a covert group of assassins! It's Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad to the rescue, but can they save her from the combined menace of Hook and Black Spider? Only if they can escape from the deadly duo themselves! The junior heroes must prove they can work as a team and take on the menace of the League of Shadows at the same time!
"What's the Story?" Franco Aureliani &
Art Baltazar
Christopher Jones June 22, 2011 5
Aqualad, Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy and Miss Martian are ready for their first mission as a team. To get to know each other better, they decide to trade stories around the campfire, revealing how they all started as crimefighters. Will this bring them together or underscore their differences?
"Fears" Franco Aureliani &
Art Baltazar
Christopher Jones July 20, 2011 6
Campfire bonding continues as the members of the Team share their background stories as well as their hopes and fears. But when do these team-building exchanges cross over into TMI territory? How about when Superboy tells everyone how he's thinking of taking out Superman?
"Rabbit Holes" Greg Weisman &
Kevin Hopps
Christopher Jones August 24, 2011 7
When night descends on Gotham City, Artemis takes to the streets. Prowling the rooftops and the alleyways for the first time, this teen archer has a choice to make: Will she fight on the side of the angels or follow a darker path?
"Wonderland" Kevin Hopps &
Greg Weisman
Dan Davis &
Christopher Jones
September 21, 2011 8
Can someone with Artemis' pedigree really be a hero? A close encounter when the Team takes action against the deadly android Amazo may give her the chance to prove herself – if she can survive the onslaught of Professor Ivo's malevolent MONQIs!
"Cold Case" Kevin Hopps &
Greg Weisman
Dan Davis &
Christopher Jones
October 19, 2011 9
The Team is taking Espionage 101 from Captain Atom. Their class project is to solve a cold case that involves a forty-year-old murder mystery, a military conspiracy and a half-decent chance that none of them will come out alive.
"Hot Case" Greg Weisman &
Kevin Hopps
Christopher Jones &
Carrie Strachan
November 16, 2011 10
Captain Atom's cold-case assignment is definitely heating up: The true killer has resurfaced to target anyone who might expose the truth about the murder of General Lemar back in 1968 – and that includes each and every member of the Team!
"The Pit..." Greg Weisman Christopher Jones December 21, 2011 11
The spotlight turns to Robin, who must leave his teammates to fight alongside his crimefighting mentor, Batman. And the stakes couldn't be higher for the Dynamic Duo as they face off against the Demon Head himself: Ra's al Ghul!
"The Pendulum" Greg Weisman Luciano Vecchio January 18, 2012 12
There's a new menace in Gotham City: a creature so strange – and so versatile – that not even the combined might of the entire Young Justice team can stand against it. Witness the origin of...Clayface!
"...And the Penalty" Greg Weisman Christopher Jones February 15, 2012 13
In Star City, Artemis is under arrest – and in Gotham City, it's Clayface vs. the rest of the team in a battle they cannot win! Aqualad’s leadership is on the line, and a fateful choice must be made.
"Under the Surface..." Greg Weisman &
Kevin Hopps
Christopher Jones March 21, 2012 14
Aqualad visits Atlantis with Superboy and Miss Martian. But can they stop an insidious new menace that threatens to plunge the undersea kingdom into civil war?
"...Here There be Monsters" Greg Weisman &
Kevin Hopps
Christopher Jones April 18, 2012 15
Ocean-Master's plan to purify Atlantis brings Aqualad to death's door and forces his former schoolmates to choose sides. Can even Superboy and Ms. Martian help him?
"Common Denominators" Greg Weisman &
Kevin Hopps
Christopher Jones May 30, 2012 16
"Uncommon Dominators" Greg Weisman &
Kevin Hopps
Christopher Jones June 20, 2012 17
"Monkey Business" Greg Weisman Christopher Jones July 18, 2012 18
  • The team travels to GORILLA CITY!
  • Someone is enhancing apes to create an army of warrior slaves!
  • Don't miss the origin of GORILLA CITY!
"Gorilla Warfare" Greg Weisman Luciano Vecchio August 29, 2012 19
"Players, Chapter One: Wheelbarrow, Shoe, Thimble" Greg Weisman Christopher Jones September 19, 2012 20
"Players, Chapter Two: Directly to Jail" Greg Weisman Christopher Jones October 17, 2012 21
"Players, Chapter Three: Landing on Boardwalk" Greg Weisman Christopher Jones November 21, 2012 22
"Players, Chapter Four: Do Not Pass Go" Greg Weisman Christopher Jones December 19, 2012 23
"Players, Chapter Five: Milburn, Edgar and Jake" Greg Weisman Christopher Jones January 23, 2013 24
"Players, Chapter Six: Rolling Doubles" Greg Weisman Christopher Jones February 20, 2013 25
  • The heroes make their last stand against Kylstar and Brainiac!
  • Metropolis is still in danger, but now the entire planet risks destruction!
  • Deadshot hits his target!


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