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Young Justice: Music from the DC Comics Animated Television Series is the title of the CD soundtrack released by La-La Land Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment. It collects music from seasons one and two of the Young Justice series, composed by Lolita Ritmanis, Michael McCuistion and Kristopher Carter. It was released on July 16, 2013.

Track listing

Track Composer(s) Duration Episode Time mark
1. Young Justice Main Title Kristopher Carter, Michael McCuistion and Lolita Ritmanis 0:26 Season one Opening sequence
2. Dynamic Duo Ice Freeze Kristopher Carter 1:26 "Independence Day" 00:05
3. Star City Lolita Ritmanis 1:06 "Independence Day" 01:20[nb 1]
4. Central City/Washington, D.C. Michael McCuistion 1:14 "Independence Day" 02:57
5. Covert Ops Lolita Ritmanis 2:07 "Independence Day" 09:08
6. Arrival of the League Kristopher Carter 2:15 "Fireworks" 16:23[nb 2]
7. Red Tornado Arrives Michael McCuistion 1:01 "Welcome to Happy Harbor" 02:37
8. Martian Bio-Ship Lolita Ritmanis 1:55 "Welcome to Happy Harbor" 07:17
9. Aqualad Comes Home Michael McCuistion 0:58 "Downtime" 02:26
10. Mera Attacks Lolita Ritmanis 2:37 "Downtime" 12:36
11. M'gann Finds Kid Flash & Artemis Kristopher Carter 2:01 "Bereft" 05:30
12. Psimon Says Forget Kristopher Carter 1:14 "Bereft" 14:22[nb 3]
13. Skateboarding Kid Lolita Ritmanis 0:38 "Targets" 11:27
14. Giant Water Eel Battle Michael McCuistion 1:05 "Targets" 16:29
15. Team Re-Elects Aqualad Lolita Ritmanis 1:49 "Homefront" 19:17
16. Welcome to the Team Lolita Ritmanis 0:41 "Humanity" 03:53
17. Morrow Lab Source Kristopher Carter 1:38 "Humanity" 03:36
18. Planetary Destruction Lolita Ritmanis 1:42 "Humanity" 11:00
19. Red Tornado Saves the Earth Michael McCuistion 1:38 "Humanity" 18:25
20. Revenge Mode Kristopher Carter 1:36 "Failsafe" 16:47[nb 4]
21. Subliminally Sad Lolita Ritmanis 0:46 "Disordered" 21:26
22. Artemis/Zatanna Rooftop Chase Michael McCuistion 2:35 "Secrets" 12:00
23. Watchtower Election Michael McCuistion 1:05 "Agendas" 00:05
24. Cheshire Is Back Michael McCuistion 2:16 "Insecurity" 10:08
25. Vandal & Klarion Retreat Kristopher Carter 3:05 "Auld Acquaintance" 16:04
26. Missing Sixteen Hours Kristopher Carter 1:28 "Auld Acquaintance" 20:07
27. Meet Lobo Kristopher Carter 3:44 "Happy New Year" 03:40
28. Manta-Flyer Lolita Ritmanis 0:51 "Alienated" 07:19
29. Nathaniel Changes Lolita Ritmanis 1:07 "Bloodlines" 20:09
30. Artemis Deep Cover Kristopher Carter 1:26 "Depths" 19:52[nb 5]
31. Roy's Desperation Lolita Ritmanis 2:37 "Satisfaction" 07:25
32. Undercover Artemis Lolita Ritmanis 1:07 "Darkest" 01:57
33. Mount Justice Destroyed Kristopher Carter 2:40 "Darkest" 13:16
34. The Scarab Connection Michael McCuistion 1:41 "Before the Dawn" 00:20
35. Aqualad Brain Purée Kristopher Carter 1:57 "Before the Dawn" 11:03
36. Mental Maneuvers Michael McCuistion 3:22 "The Fix" 16:35
37. Tick Tock Tick Tock Lolita Ritmanis 1:09 "Runaways" 06:25
38. White Limo Lolita Ritmanis 1:48 "Runaways" 19:30
39. Arsenal Still Running Michael McCuistion 0:44 "The Hunt" 01:04
40. Return to Bialya Michael McCuistion 2:40 "Intervention" 11:03
41. Black Beetle Gets Away Lolita Ritmanis 1:27 "Intervention" 17:48
42. Wally's Sacrifice Michael McCuistion 3:13 "Endgame" 12:57
43. Business as Usual Michael McCuistion 1:16 "Endgame" 20:01
44. Young Justice End Kristopher Carter, Michael McCuistion and Lolita Ritmanis 0:33 Season one and two Closing credits
Total running time: 73:46


  1. Snippets of this suite can also be heard in "Welcome to Happy Harbor", when Speedy intercepts Brick's operation.
  2. Snippets of this suite can also be heard in "Revelation" when the Justice League arrives to save the Team from the Injustice League; in "Failsafe" before the main title, when Red Tornado tells the Team that they may be the last chance of saving the world; in "Alienated", when the League takes off to stand trial on Rimbor, and in "Endgame", when the Team arrives on the ruins of Mount Justice to meet the League.
  3. Snippets of Psimon's leitmotif can also be heard in "Image" and "The Fix".
  4. Snippets of this suite are also used in "Agendas" (when Superboy fights Match), "Insecurity" (when Red Arrow chases Sportsmaster), "Usual Suspects" (when the Team fights the Light and associates), "Before the Dawn" (when Blue Beetle fights Black Beetle) and in "The Hunt" (when Black Beetle fights Mongul and later then the Team fights Blue and Green Beetle).
  5. Snippets of this suite (the guitar riffs) can also be heard in beginning when Artemis and Wally embrace.

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  • Order it at La-La Land Records (autographed by the composers)

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