Superboy investigates the hills surrounding the town.

Verhoyansk is a town in Siberia.


After tracking Sportsmaster in Siberia, Batman deploys a squad to investigate.

February 17, 17:59 OMSST

Superboy leads Alpha Squad, as they land by a river. He checks the tablet device, but gets no response. His attempts to contact the Cave also fail. Alpha fights their way through robots and Shadows armed with ice weapons. They feel an earthquake. Superboy notes that can't be a coincidence. They eventually reach the river crossing, but the bridge is broken. Superboy checks the tablet, the signal is intermittent, but he's sure they need to cross the river. Superboy spots a cargo ship nearby. Alpha leaps onto it, and fights their way to the bridge to commandeer it.

Antenna jamming the signal

The Team finds the antenna jamming their signal.

On the other side, they find a base camp with a large communications tower. Superboy surmises that it is jamming their signal. Alpha infiltrates the base and disables the tower. Superboy is able to reach Aquagirl, who tells him they have detected the seismic activity there, and updates the tracer coordinates on the tablet.

As Alpha follows the signal, they find the Shadows with a captive villager. They place the villager on a pedestal which encases him in ice. Alpha takes out the Shadows and frees the villager. As they follow the signal Alpha finds and frees more villagers, until they reach Killer Frost's "garden". Frost is not happy the squad have been freeing her garden decorations. Alpha fights her. She raises herself on columns of ice to try to keep from their reach, but the squad smashes them to bring her down.

Junior and Sportsmaster secure a fragment

Icicle Jr. and Sportsmaster secure a second fragment.

With Frost defeated, Alpha makes its way into a complex of tunnels dug into a mountain, fighting through rooms of Shadows and robots, until they reach a large room with a giant laser emitter. As Icicle Jr. operates the laser, drilling into the ice, Sportsmaster impatiently taunts him, noting the danger of the mountain collapsing, and wondering if Junior's father would have been a better choice for the mission. Finally, the statue fragment falls from the ice, and Junior gleefully rushes to collect it. The pair prepare to leave, as Alpha arrives. Superboy demands the fragments, but Sportsmaster only wonders if asking had ever worked before. Alpha takes on the villains, and gains the upper hand, knocking the fragments to the floor. The mountain becomes more unstable, and Sportmaster and Junior run. Superboy grabs the fragments, but the pair escape though a hatch which seals behind them.

Superman stymies an avalanche

Superman stymies an avalanche.

Suddenly, Superman smashes in through the ceiling. He came to save the nearby village from the avalanche caused by the quakes. He has made a tunnel to divert the flow from the village, and needs Alpha's help to open the existing tunnels. They work their way though each section of the tunnel, with Alpha taking out the enemy forces while Superman holds the doors blocking the ice flow until the room is clear and they dash into the next compartment. Once the job is complete, they are cheered by a crowd of relieved villagers, an Superman thanks Kon-El for his and Alpha's help.

The fragments fit together

The Team realizes that the fragments fit together.

Back at the Cave, Tempest arrives via Zeta, just in time for Batman's call. Batman congratulates them on retrieving the fragments and conveys Superman's thanks for helping save the village. Superboy isn't satisfied—Dr. Sandsmark is still missing. Kaldur assures him they will find her. Nightwing announces that he made 3D scans of the fragments. M'gann notes they fit together. Wally asks about them being Babylonian, and Garth notices similarities to ancient texts, but also sigils that may indicate magical properties. Kaldur tells him he had the same thought, and had sent Aquagirl to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with the fragments for further study. Aquagirl contacts the Cave to say she has arrived. Tempest urges her to hurry back; he, or the Team he quickly corrects, misses her.

Miss Martian wonders how pieces of an ancient statue became scattered across the globe. Aqualad is more curious why so many of their enemies have come together to find it. He believes it must be another operation of the Light. Artemis is unsure where they go from there, but Nightwing noticed the equipment in Siberia was familiar. It was from LexCorp. Batman informs the Team that Luthor is overseeing a mining operation on Santa Prisca. Its now all too clear what his real objective is. Since Aquaman is already on Santa Prisca investigating the sudden rise of toxic metals in the soil and water, Batman sends the Team to meet him. Wally is delighted at the prospect of a Caribbean "vacation," to Nightwing and Tempest's exasperation.[1]



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