Just so you know...Cartoon Network announced yesterday, Mon. Oct. 29, that it wll begin broadcasting reruns of Young Justice again, starting this Saturday, Nov. 3rd....wait for it.....on the BOOMERANG NETWORK!! This is per a report on World's Finest ( According to this report BOOMERANG will broadcast "Misplaced" this coming Sat. at 9PM, followed by "Coldhearted" at 9:30PM. Unfortunately, my cable channel guide has yet to be updated with this information, but my question is this: isn't the BOOMERANG channel where CANCELLED, RETIRED 'toons go to live? The article states that CN is doing this as a build-up to a full DC NATION in January, but why there, why not on the regular CN....and why not the rest of DC NATION? Is this their answer to our petition? To appease us with reruns from Season 1? And still no statement, or explanation from CARTOON NETWORK!!!!

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