So the other day I'm hangin' with my buds and one of them came up with the idea to go into the city to hang out...and one of them says to me: "Are you game?"....and I instinctively say: "Me? I'm BIG GAME!". And all my friends cheer and we went out and had quite a night to remember (but that's another story). Anyway, the point is, I remember thinking what a great line...and the next day I re-watched "Earthlings" from YJ: Invasion, Ep. 2. And I just LOVE that line: Beast Boy, Ms. M, Superboy and Alanna are under attack on Rann from the Kroloteans after they have sabotaged their base and managed to escape. But the Krolos have caught up with them in their Mechs, Superboy puts all of the Mechs out of commission and rescues Ms. M and BB, who were briefly captured by the Krolos. The remaining Krolos are fleeing in their base/spaceship when they sight our heroes and begin firing on them! Superboy grabs one of the downed Mechs for cover when Beast Boy, frustrated says: "Are they still trying to capture us or this just a bitter revenge thing now?" Superboy: "Either way, we discourage them! Game?" To which Beast Boy replies: "Me? I'm BIG GAME!" and then proceeds to morph into that proverbial 800 pound gorilla as Superboy hurls him toward the the spacecraft where much havoc ensues and causes SB to tell BB he may just change his mind about monkeys yet! It kind of reminds me of the Hulk in the Avengers movie toward the end of the battle in NYC and Dr. Banner starts racing toward the fight and they yell out to him: "Hey Doc, don't you have to get angry first?" and he replies: "That's the thing....I'm ALWAYS ANGRY!" and morphs into the Hulk! But the Beast Boy line is just ONE of the BEST lines in a show that has MANY! Does anybody out there have any favorite lines or snippets of dialogue from the show, which you may or may not have used yourself? I'd like to hear from the fanbase out there: WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE YOUNG JUSTICE LINE?

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