I'm going to go over the list of possible choices for the 5 sorcerors in the upcoming episode.

Wotan (likely)-his magic seems powerful enough, can break out of prison

Anton Arcane-kinda obscure, more of a Swamp Thing foe

Blackbriar Thorn-also obscure, seems interesting enough, druid

Circe-well known as a Wonder Woman villain, who said they will make the sorcerers all male

Deimos-obscure, Warlord villain


Effron the Sorcerer-obscure

La Enchantadora-obscure, female Superman villain

Enchantress-obscure, sometimes a superheroine

Felix Faust-likely to appear, already in three DC animated shows


Jinx-teen titans villain, should be portrayed as Indian if she appears

Ian Karkull-Dr. Fate villain, a possibility

Klarion-likely, though he's working with the light, do they want to rid the world of adults?


Mordru-a possiblity, though a Legion of Superheroes baddie, he appeared in JL cartoon

Morgaine Le Fey-possibility, though I rather not have her used since she was in a similar JL episode where Mordred got rid of adults

Neron-not sure about this guy

Queen of Fables-obscure

Tala-possibility, was in JLU

Warlock of Ys-a possibility since he's a Zatanna villain

Wizard-not sure about this, JSA villain, prolly deceased

The likeliest candidates to be the sorcerors, Wotan, Circe, Felix Faust, Jinx (it's young justice), Ian Karkull, Klarion, Mordru, Morgain Le Fey, Tala, and Warlock of Ys. Though I wish they use different characters than ones that appeared in shows before.

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