• Ziwantan

    I'm going to go over the list of possible choices for the 5 sorcerors in the upcoming episode.

    Wotan (likely)-his magic seems powerful enough, can break out of prison

    Anton Arcane-kinda obscure, more of a Swamp Thing foe

    Blackbriar Thorn-also obscure, seems interesting enough, druid

    Circe-well known as a Wonder Woman villain, who said they will make the sorcerers all male

    Deimos-obscure, Warlord villain


    Effron the Sorcerer-obscure

    La Enchantadora-obscure, female Superman villain

    Enchantress-obscure, sometimes a superheroine

    Felix Faust-likely to appear, already in three DC animated shows


    Jinx-teen titans villain, should be portrayed as Indian if she appears

    Ian Karkull-Dr. Fate villain, a possibility

    Klarion-likely, …

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