Music plays a very large portion on how we enjoy an episode - try watching on with no music - it's extremely awkward. And yet, there are few if any mentions of music themes on this wiki.

I have not gone through the episodes with a fine-toothed comb as some of the others, so please pardon the initial sparseness of this post.

As of May 2, I have only recognized one theme that was repeated over several episodes. Summary follows:


Theme Purpose Appears In
Justice League Theme A situation where the entire Justice League is involved A slow rendition plays in Fireworks when the Justice League starts arriving at Cadmus. Listen ♫
A militaristic rendition plays in Revelation when the Justice League starts arriving at the Bayou. Listen ♫
A somber rendition plays in Failsafe when Zatara calls the Cave with bad news. Listen ♫
A truncated form plays in Happy New Year when the Justice League starts arriving in New Orleans. Listen ♫
An emotional variation plays when the half of the League departs for Rimbor in Alienated. Listen ♫
Cheshire's Theme Cheshire's entry and exit theme The four-note riff plays on numerous occasions when Cheshire is on-screen (or departs). It shows up in Infiltrator, Targets, Insecurity, and Usual Suspects.

I would love to have this list expanded with more themes. Knowing the composers, there's got to be character themes that were missed.

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