Since we'll never see an article about it, let's just have a blog post then!

Here I'm gathering all the ships - the non-ridiculous ones. That means some pairings are off-limits because the people involved were not shown to have met. Or if they did know of each other, have no reason to interact.

So, throw your ships at me! Well over half of the ships came out of my arse. So if you have any corrections, post them. Preferably by providing links to tumblr or elsewhere attesting to said ship name.

Heterosexual Ships

Heterosexual Ships
  Artemis Batgirl Bumblebee Cheshire Miss Martian Rocket Aquagirl Wonder Girl Zatanna Bette Kane Wendy Harris
Aqualad Archer Fish n/a n/a Catfish Mind Rape Torpedo Aqua2 n/a Plan B n/a n/a
Beast Boy Garcrock Batboy Bestiality n/a Incest Laika n/a Wonder Beast Magic Beast n/a n/a
Blue Beetle Blue Arrow Lebanon The Bugs n/a Aliens Blue Streak n/a Wonder Beetle Magic Beetle n/a n/a
Impulse Speedy Bartgirl Bartlebee n/a Bar'rzz Impulse Rocket n/a Wonder Pulse Racecar n/a n/a
Kid Flash Spitfire Flash Gordon Wallaby Sai Wa'gann RocKF n/a Godspeed The Fated n/a n/a
Lagoon Boy It's an honor Lagoon Bat Lagoon Bee n/a Angelfish Raq'gaan Tuloon Boy Lagoon Girl Jigglypuff n/a n/a
Mal Duncan Maltemis BatMal Raincheck n/a Mal the Martian Malket n/a Dunder Lam n/a Mandy
Nightwing Traught Manuever 7 Bedbug Puss n' pixie boots Timber Fireworks Nightula Wonder Wing Chalant One night stand n/a
Red Arrow Long shot n/a n/a Redcat Red Martian Rocket Red n/a n/a Red Mage n/a n/a
Robin (Tim) Robin Crock Robin da cradle Timbee n/a Timegan Rockim n/a Wonder Couple The Z-Tim n/a n/a
Static -- -- -- n/a -- -- n/a -- -- n/a n/a
Superboy White Rabbit World's Finest Superbee Konkitty Super Martian Jet fuel Supertula Power houses Supermage n/a Neverland
Tempest n/a n/a n/a n/a Martianpest n/a Garthla n/a n/a n/a n/a
Billy Batson Brock Bibabago Beely n/a Don't shout Captain Rocket n/a Wonder Marvel Mazahs n/a n/a

Robin cutting in on Kid Flash / Artemis = Museum Heist = Robin the Wall(y) Art(emis)

Homosexual Ships


Gay Ships
  Aqualad Beast Boy Blue Beetle Impulse Kid Flash Lagoon Boy Mal Duncan Nightwing Red Arrow Robin (Tim) Superboy Tempest Billy Batson
Beast Boy Water Beast                        
Blue Beetle Get 'em Blue Boy                      
Impulse Not crash Bear hug Speed Buggy                    
Kid Flash Aquaflash Flash Boy n/a Cousincest                  
Lagoon Boy Idol       n/a                
Mal Duncan Fish head                        
Nightwing         Freshness Chum   Batcave's crowded enough          
Red Arrow Aquawife n/a n/a n/a   n/a n/a            
Robin (Tim) n/a     Humming bird n/a       n/a        
Superboy Reunion Special Super Beast Super Beetle   The Moon Martian Beaus Super Mal     TimKon      
Tempest Undersea Bros n/a n/a n/a n/a La'garth n/a n/a n/a n/a Superpest    
Billy Batson                     Super Marvel    


Lesbian Ships
  Aquagirl Artemis Batgirl Bumblebee Cheshire Miss Martian Rocket Wonder Girl Zatanna Bette Kane Wendy Harris
Batgirl Aquabat                    
Bumblebee Seabee                    
Cheshire n/a Incest n/a n/a              
Miss Martian         Hello Kitty            
Rocket   Tomahawk Red-Violet   Rocket Cat            
Wonder Girl n/a       n/a Wonder Martian          
Zatanna   Terces Sdneirflrig Raeppasid Sadnega


Oow ooh      
Bette Kane n/a Liaison   n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a    
Wendy Harris n/a n/a n/a   n/a   n/a n/a n/a n/a  

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