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  • ZLouieV

    Phase 2

    April 22, 2012 by ZLouieV

    Hey YJ fans!

    The season finale just reveal huge twists and gave a great cliffhanger. There are many unanswered questions, but my big question marks are:

    Phase 2? What is it and does The Light have more phases?

    Where were the original six members of the Justice League doing for 16 hours?

    Where they a part of Phase 2 and if so what are their roles?

    Why would they need Roy's body? To clone more of him?

    Where were the other Light members? Where they preparing for the next phase?

    Will we finally get to see Connor meet the rest of the Kent family?

    For me it would be a dream if they where cloned and do an take on Justice Lords. The Light would then use clones to either destroy the image the League has or try to defeat the League.

    What are your thoughts??


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  • ZLouieV

    Hey guys! First time doing a blog post =D

    The first season of Young Justice is almost over and the start of Invasion is just couple weeks away. So far the show has really pushed the envelope on drama, action and conflicts within the Team. With the season almost finishing up what is the current unanswered questions you all have related to the upcoming season?

    What are your expectations of the upcoming season?

    Will there be any new relationships or love triangles in the show?

    What characters that hasn't been officially announce would you like to see and why?

    How will the Team evolve and mature in their current roles?

    Who could possibly dies in the show?

    What is The Light's utlimate goal?

    Will someone on the Team become a part of the Justice League?

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