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    First of all, I'm clearly happy that Roy joined the Team again, as you can tell:) Too bad he only stayed for like 2 eps. And Rocket is also schedueled to be part of the Team (and she's voiced by Kittie, whoever the hell that is). Yay, I guess. I do like Rocket though. And also Zatannas' part of the Team now. Don't know why so many perople hate her. I kind of do, but M'gann will always be #1 on my hate list. Don't ask why. But anyways, I'm excited for new members. I mean, personally I was happy with the Team members. Then Zatanna showed up. Not a huge fan of... that. If there were to have more team members, these are the people I'd at least like to see on there:

    (And there in no particular order)

    1. Stephanie Brown-Robin/Spoiler
    2. Bette Kane-Flameb…

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