Hey, Young Justice Wiki Its me YJwikiFan. Creator of the famous Pick Your Mentor! Now I'm here to bring you its processor PICK YOUR HEADQUARTERS! In this you can pick which HQ would you like to have if you were a Solo Superhero OR A Solo Villian OR If you were the Leader of a Group of Superhero's OR Leader of a Group of Villians. You could pick the open yet very big and sturdy Hall of Justice. You could pick the out of civilization, powerful Watchtower. You could pick the secert house/HQ that is Mount Justice. You could any of the ocean open islands has you Headquarters such as Malina Island (the late great HQ of Black Manta), Infinity Island (HQ of The evil organization known as The Lague of Shadows) or Santa Prisca (a large island that has been used by The Light on several a occasions). Or you could pick ANY other Headquarters used through out the series.

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