So why is everybody so disapointed about the new season I think it is pretty cool. I mean if your upset about Robin, we all knew he was going to switch to Nightwing eventually, and if you did not see that coming from a mile away then you are no DC superhero fan. The Five years in the furture thing is a strech but I thought the first episode pulled it off. And don't even get me started on all the new characters, I mean WOW, This New season is going to be AMAZING! I always wanted a offspring of Wonder Woman, and the Batgirl thing was just a splendid suprise! I'm really happy to see Beast Boy back, I loved him in Teen Titans. The New Robin seems like a cool guy, who has a some killer combat pole moves. Blue Beetle comes off pretty awsome, which is a turn of events considering how Non-Cool he was Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Lagoon Boy and Miss Martian feels kinda... off, But that is just because we saw her with Superboy all of season 1, for all we know she could have been with Lagoon boy for the whole 5 years. My main point is, just tell me what you think of the new and imporved Team...

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