Cheshire was ally of The Light and member of League of Shadows on season 1.

Now what is the role of Cheshire, in season 2 ?

All we know so far is that she only helped Red Arrow find Speedy, so he could be a father to Liam.

Where did she got the clue?

Does she still is on any villan group ?

Do you think that Cheshire is going to be a neutral character ?

Does she has others motives to find Speedy ?

Does Speedy still has some important to role for the Light ?

Do you think that Spedy is going to take well all events since he was freezed ?

What is going to happen to Red Arrow, now that his goal is completed?

What is the goal of Speddy ?

What do you think that Team Arrow and the others Leagues and The Light going to react to Speedy ?

Like always i like to read and share some opinions with you.

P.s: I think it is better use Speedy to talk about Original Roy Harper because to not confuse everybody and since he still is Speedy. As well Red Arrow to use to talk about the Roy Harper Clone.

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