All viewers have characters that would like to see on show, in my case i have a lot of characters or events. I amn´t saying that i amnt happy with the characters or the plot on the show. i really like the show.

1st Harley Quinn- She is probally the most famous villian sidekick. i prefer to see her on batman´s sidekick episode. 3 sidekick vs The Joker, Harley Quinn and Joker´s gang.

2nd I would like see The Light become a strong and unstoppable group that Heroes and Villans would put diferences a side and fighting together to stop The light.

3rd Superboy got a new clean way to havel full powers. I think that he knows that he is only ssidekick that cannot be as equal full strenght as his mentor.

And others things but i also want know our opions as well, maybe he have the same opinions.

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