I recently i put two friends addicted to Young Justice (but since we aren´t from USA, only the fandom had grow). They ask me about Donna Troy since she has the second Wonder Girl (Diana Price was the first). And I told that so far she doesnt exist. And there was a discustion about her and Cassie, which one point was that Cassie almost hasn´t any exprience of being a member of Wonder Family and a hero. Should Cassie go to Paradise Island (place where Amazons live) and train with others amazons like Artemis (Amazon) or even Donna Troy as Troia or as just Donna Troy? Maybe she could bring some other girls to train as well and maybe as filler episode.

P.S: If this blog goes bad, i try to create a better one soon. I also would like too see Donna Troy bond with Nighwing because they have a great friendship in the comics like brother and sister and i feel that he will need a friend soon when "his" secret become uncovered and Wally is kind mad with him on last episode.

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