Black Canary is my favorite character on DC Universe of all time. And i always wonder why she never got sidekick.

She was title of best figher of Justice League. And probably is second best hand to hand combant fighter in world. she is only second best to Lady Shiva, if she didnt lost that title.than Plus she master strategist and better paternal figure than some heroes like Green Arrow. Plus it be good to have Black Canary ´s episode.

This show doesnt follow the comics, wouldnt be awesome if her had a sidekick ?

One person whom could be fill that place is adopted daughter Cynthia Lance a.k.a Sin. She even could take allias as "White Canary" whom is skilled martian arts female assassin which her real name was never revealed

There is fews problems, one since she was trained to be next Lady Shiva, which could make her story look alike Artemis´s story. Plus when she maded her debut in comics, Lady Shiva and Black Canary trade places with Lady Shiva (Lady Shiva fill Black Canary ´s place on Birds of Prey and Black Canary travel to village on Asia, when she trained with martial arts master whom was named as mother, it was there where Black Canary met Sin and bound as mother/daughter relationship. ). Also she was kidnaped by the League of Assasins that here it is called as "League of Shadows" because she is martial arts prodigy and could fill leader ´s place since the league had no leader. Green Arrow plan to fake Sin´s death ,without tell anyone even to Black Canary, to deceive everybody.Later she was taken by Green Arrow to sexluded monastery to keep safe from any person whom wanted exploit her abilities. As you can imagine that secret bring more problems to Black Canary and Green Arrow´s relationship, and later he tell her that Sin is alive and safe. Black Canary often makes vistis to Sin as role of adpotive mother.

Or maybe Katana.

P.s: For who don´t know what is Birds of Prey. the Birds of Prey is female crime fighter that Black Canary is actual leader in comics and have some notable members like Oracle (Barbara Gordon) mostly as suport job, Huntress (Helena Bertineli), Black hawk. And they also hald recruit new members like Catwoman (Selina Kyle), Power Girl, Big Barda. In comics they change the team which the only members that stayed was Black Canary and Bat Girl . And have some members like Poison Ivy (as neutral character in DC Universe), Katana and Starling. Also Greg Weisman, whom is the producer of this show, has said that Black Canary is probably his all-time favorite comic book character

Like always i would read your opions about this issue and also which superhero that isnt a sidekick and dont have a sidekick deserves also a sidekick or protégé?

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