Ok, I don't know if anyone has done something like this yet, but I'm gonna do it anyway, so if this has happened, let it be known that I'm not trying to copy anyone!

Anyways, I watch YJ a LOT, and sometimes I imagine my self as a superheroine name Subtera who had a special type of Geokinesis.

I could move anything that was man-made, or from nature, as long as it was related to Geokinesis. I could even be a human lie detector just by feeling vibrations from a heartbeat and seeing if it was too fast or normal! (still haven't established on how I'm able to do that yet...)

My mentor was Green Lantern(Hal Jordan) and I had a flying rock that could take me anywhere I needed to go during missions(because I was on the Team). Anyways, that's the gist of me as a superheroine.

So I want to hear from you guys. If you were a superheroe/ superheroine, what would name and superpower be? Mentor? Be specific! (I don't know if ppl will respond or not, but let's give it a try!)

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