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  • VioletteNoire

    You guys as Superheroes

    February 25, 2012 by VioletteNoire

    Ok, I don't know if anyone has done something like this yet, but I'm gonna do it anyway, so if this has happened, let it be known that I'm not trying to copy anyone!

    Anyways, I watch YJ a LOT, and sometimes I imagine my self as a superheroine name Subtera who had a special type of Geokinesis.

    I could move anything that was man-made, or from nature, as long as it was related to Geokinesis. I could even be a human lie detector just by feeling vibrations from a heartbeat and seeing if it was too fast or normal! (still haven't established on how I'm able to do that yet...)

    My mentor was Green Lantern(Hal Jordan) and I had a flying rock that could take me anywhere I needed to go during missions(because I was on the Team). Anyways, that's the gist …

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  • VioletteNoire

    I have seen one too many blog posts with people saying that Artemis is the mole, or Artemis isn't the mole, and then people keep on arguing about this! It is irritating, and I have had enough! For all those Artemis lovers and Artemis haters out there, if you believe she is or is not the mole, prove it! There is no point in believing in opinions without any proof, because people will keep arguing about this, and we will get nowhere! Just state the facts supporting your opinion, and then maybe we actually will figure this out together. With cooperation and hard core proof, we might find out who the mole really is!

    P.S. No insulting people who have different opinions please! That will just make things worse!

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  • VioletteNoire

    Comics versus TV Show

    September 30, 2011 by VioletteNoire

    Hey people, VioletteNoire here! I know that you guys like the Young Justice TV series, and probably the comic too. I mean, why else would you be on this wiki. Anyway, I just want to know your opinions on this question: Which is better, the comics, or the TV series. Personally, I like them both, but like I said, I just want to know your opinions. Reply if you want. See ya later!

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  • VioletteNoire

    I refuse to be a girly-girl in any way possible.

    I love video games, primarily anything that has Naruto in it.

    Last but not least: I know this may be kind of obvious, but I LOVE YOUNG JUSTICE! I LOVE IT!

    Oh, and I'm new. Pretty much the reason on why I'm posting this.

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