Topic 1: Artemis as Tigress

OK, so I've read that in the comics, Artemis is Tigress, marries Icicle Jr. and has a kid. But this is Young Justice. So now we know that the makers of this show took the Tigress idea from Artemis's not-so-glory days. (I just based that 'not-so-glory days' thing off of what I read. I didn't read the comics) But I like how Artemis DIDN'T die in Depths. I think everybody knows what Wally meant by, "It only gets more dangerous from here". So Artemis as Tigress, mentor=Deathstroke, blah, blah, blah. OK.

Topic 2: The Partner is.....Black Beetle?!

OK. I haven't even heard of this guy. Black Beetle as The Partner?! I thought Darkseid was in that position. But then people would think, "Does Darkseid have a gun or something?". So I kinda ditched that. But the nickname meat. I'm guessing that in the series, that's his common nickname for his enemies or something, since he used it in Salvage as well. So in summary, Black Beetle is the not-so-almighty, not-so mystery anymore, Partner.

Topic 3: The Stolen Kids, Joining The Team Or What?

If you saw the trailer (which I bet everybody did), and read the description of what's happening, the stolen kids gain superpowers. My question is are they joining the Team or what? Just saying it would be a lot of people and too close for comfort if all of them joined the Team.

Transmission End.

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