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  • VideoGameFan9012

    Check this link out. This is straight from the website of the game-rating company in the US, ESRB.

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  • VideoGameFan9012

    Does someone know? Cause I'm getting hungry (metaphor) for a new episode. I haven't seen Before The Dawn yet and I was just reading the article on it. My appeal so far: cool, but I want to see the ACTUAL episode. On my cable, the Young Justice episode that aired before the new one is on demand. That's one of the reasons I want the new episode. Also I want to see what happens.

    Transmission End.

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  • VideoGameFan9012

    Topic 1: Artemis as Tigress

    OK, so I've read that in the comics, Artemis is Tigress, marries Icicle Jr. and has a kid. But this is Young Justice. So now we know that the makers of this show took the Tigress idea from Artemis's not-so-glory days. (I just based that 'not-so-glory days' thing off of what I read. I didn't read the comics) But I like how Artemis DIDN'T die in Depths. I think everybody knows what Wally meant by, "It only gets more dangerous from here". So Artemis as Tigress, mentor=Deathstroke, blah, blah, blah. OK.

    Topic 2: The Partner is.....Black Beetle?!

    OK. I haven't even heard of this guy. Black Beetle as The Partner?! I thought Darkseid was in that position. But then people would think, "Does Darkseid have a gun or something…

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