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  • Vesuvious0215

    So I know that Nightwing and Zatanna like each other and "have history" Do you think that they are still together or that they grew apart but stayed friends (if they didn't stay friends dick would never have gotten that amulet) and if they are not together do you think we might see nightwing and batgirl growing closer together or do you think that starfire is going to fly into the mix and shake everything up?

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  • Vesuvious0215

    Wally West

    June 10, 2012 by Vesuvious0215

    I am relatively new to the all knowing Wiki but one of my favourite characters is Kid Flash or Wally West however there has been something that has been bugging me. Why is Wally West so much slower than Impulse. I understand why The Flash is faster than Kid Flash because of an age factor but Impulse is is younger than KF yet he is just as fast as The Flash. I havent really read the comics but after watching this show I looked both of them up on the all knowing Wiki and it seemed like Wally was never as fast as the original Flash because he subconsiassly didn't want to replace The Flash so he never reached his potential until he got over it. Do you think it is a similar thing in Young Justice Wally isn't as fast because he subconsiasly does…

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