Okay. We all have unanswered questions and we want to think we know what happened after Auld Acquaintance. heres what I think happened:

  • Red Arrow leaves the League and drops off the face of the Earth
  • Rocket joins the Justice League after much persuasion from her mentor.
  • The Team finds the Light and fights them. They lose and the Light gets away.
  • Batman is scolding Robin and the Team about their performance. Robin gets pissed and storms out.
  • Robin becomes Nightwing.
  • Aqualad discovers his father is Black Manta and temporarily steps down as team leader, giving the position to Nightwing.
  • Wonder Girl is introduced to the Team.
  • When fighting the Joker Miss Martian goes into his mind and takes a very, very tiny portion of his personality and crushes his mind. This causes Conner to become distant.
  • Miss Martian breaks the mind of another crook.
  • Garfield Logan's powers erupt and he joins the Team as Beastboy.
  • Marie Logan is murdered by Queen Bee.
  • Blue Beetle joins the Team under the request of Batman.
  • Aqualad kills his father and is horrified. He quits the Team.
  • Artemis's mother is killed by her father.
  • Her family ties are traced back to her and is personally attacked by the League of Shadows.
  • Kid Flash helps her escape the Shadows and they spend a long time together away from the team.
  • Superboy breaks off the relationship with Miss Martian.
  • Lagoon Boy joins the Team in Aqualad's place.
  • Atom introduces his lab assistant, Karen, to the team and she joins.
  • Miss Martian tries to cope with her break-up by dating Lagoon Boy.
  • Flash is killed by Reverse-Flash causing K.F. to take up the mantle and join the League.
  • Zatanna decides to join the League when she turns eighteen.
  • Artemis temporarily quits to be with Wally.
  • Karen lands Mal a place on the Team.
  • Batman introduces his new Robin, Jason, to the Team.
  • Nightwing decides to train him himself.
  • Jason is kidnapped by Joker and beaten to near-death. He is left in an explosion and dies.
  • Nightwing leads a raid on the Light and in the battle some of the Light members turn on Savage and blast him into space.
  • Brain and Monsieur Mallah are killed by Klarion.
  • Lex Luthor quits and continues running LexCorp.
  • Batman introduces the new Robin, Tim Drake, to the team. Nightwing decides he has to keep this one alive and is constantly trying to get him to become more able to protect himself.
  • Klarion teleports Tim into an alternate shadow dimension where he has to fight his way out.
  • Clayface is back and running rabid in Gotham.
  • Nightwing sends Delta Squad out to deal with Clayface
  • Events of Happy New Year occur.

Leave your thoughts, ideas, and/or comments below. Thanks:)

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