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  • UltimateYJfan98

    you can create your own episode your own by your ideas and the subjects are:

    episode name


    who should be introuduced

    problem for episode

    solution for episode

    mission for episode

    side story (if there is it's your decision)

    what question will be asked

    what could be the answer

    Villian for episode


    episode name-fallers

    plotline- when a mission goes wrong everyone gets captured except nightwing,so nightwing has to find another team to help save the team while the justice league are fighting the kroloteans

    who should be introduced- raven, cyborg,starfire,static, secret, impulse,arrowete,empress,CM3 (captain marvel junior),kid devil,flamebird,and batgirl (cassandra cain)

    problem- everyone gets captured

    solution- he has a team to look for the orig…

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  • UltimateYJfan98

    post your favorite powers and tell why you would like that power my power would be pyrokeniseis because if your coco is cold just burn it and it will be nice hot coco so tell your power and why got it thanks im new here so appreciate OK!!!!!!!!!

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