Hi!Ulti here.I'm just gonna flashback on the events since Bloodlines.Here it is:


  • Bart Allen/Impulse travels to the present from 2056, and has no way to get back, leaving him with a choice to join the Team.
  • Kid Flash wears his hero outfit for the first time in a few years.
  • Speedy is found by Red Arrow and Cheshire.


  • Artemis returns to the Team and pretends to die, a plot made by Nightwing, Aqualad, Kid Flash and Artemis herself.
  • Lagoon Boy is captured.
  • Artemis receives a Glamour Charm, changing her appearance to everyone but the four mentioned above.
  • Artemis goes off with Aqualad, and is forced to separate from Kid Flash for the time being.


  • Speedy seeks revenge on Lex.
  • Cheshire reveals her care for Artemis.
  • Holograms of Jason Todd and Ted Kord are seen.
  • Rocket is revealed to be engaged.
  • Speedy changes his name to Arsenal.


  • Artemis becomes Tigress.
  • Mal attempts to get closer to Bumblebee, to no avail
  • Aqualad, and his team consisting of Tigress, Icicle Junior, and the Terror twins, infiltrate the cave and destroy it.
  • Beast Boy, Blue Beetle and Impulse are captured.
  • Kid Flash becomes very angry for the first time.
  • Kid Flash has suspicions of Aqualad betraying the Team.

What will happen next?

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