A next installment, Uncommon Dominators, or, "Christopher Jones gives the best guided tour of his hometown, ever".

  • Yes to scenery. We get a lot of Minneapolis landmarks, which is nice. I mean, "Secrets" took place almost entirely on Manhattan, and we only got to see one real building, the Museum of Natural History. The rest was just generic streets.
  • Man, I've missed Spitfire. There's not much, but it's always funny.
  • The bystanders are drawn with so much attention to detail they have to be based on real people. While that's nice, it seems a bit out of touch with the general art style of the series.
  • I wonder if this is the Serpent Ra's was talking about.
  • Kobie isn't dead, natch. He's either in the dagger, or in his brother.
  • I'm not really looking forward to next issue. Don't care much for Grodd or Gorilla City. It's a pity they had to leave the Arrow family storyline for 20-21 to make place for the time skip.

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