And another comic discussion blog/review. This time, what we've always wanted to see more: mentor-time.

  • Chalk up another one on my impressive list of "how could he get that wrong?" wrong predictions: it's Mammoth and Shimmer, not Talia and Ubu...
  • The FCBD preview really, really butchered the story.

  • Two empty lines because this needs all the emphasis it can get: Artemis finally has gray eyes! Why didn't I notice that in the Flipbook?

  • Green Arrow/Artemis: I like the work with shadows, as well as the trick arrows. Though I find the GPS microbeads a bit of a stretch.
    • Seriously, would no-one notice an attack helicopter with a giant effing gatling gun in the middle of the city?
  • Flash/Kid Flash: the lapping is a great way to showcase Barry is faster than Wally. And we finally learn he's a CSI. That's right, he was a CSI before everyone knew what it was.
  • Batman/Robin: Batman fighting in an orrery. Better than the last time he did that. I like the tattoo on the captured cultist.
  • And finally, we learn what the Easter Egg was Chris Jones kept teasing us about: the CONvergence hotel. Subtle.
  • The issue is built up like a classic team story (Justice Society of America, Seven Soldiers of Victory, Justice League of America): each fights his or her own villain, and then they converge at the end to take them all down. Not always good story material, but this worked.
  • And in the back (or, "at the end" if you've got the Comixology version) another profile of the Freshmen we've discussed at length before. As well as Superboy's file from the app. Heat vision. Tactile telekinesis. Did nobody notify Greg or Brandon of this? Has anyone asked them about their opinion on it?

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