Better late than never... though I was looking forward to this, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed.

The good:

  • Nice character designs; I really liked the purists.
  • Sooo many Aquaman refs. Windward Home. Tritonis. Jim Lockhart. Not to mention 4 decades worth of characters.
  • Lori's reaction to Miss M'tail... that was good. Almost as if she's surprised someone wants to be "impure".
  • Lagoon Boy's curiosity... how can this not be a set-up for season 2?
  • Finally, more Atlantis, even though most of it's mentioned only. The city-state "Lemuria" makes me wonder if Atlantis is bigger than the Atlantic.

The less good (I won't call it bad)

  • The reveal of Ocean-Master... anti-climactic. We knew from the start, but I expected a shocking revelation with an audience.
  • Not enough characters! I was making a list of really obscure Atlanteans as research - starting with Professor Chal-Patzun, one shot Marvel Family villain. I was hoping to see Jerro and Ronno, who were basically the Lori Lemarises of Supergirl and Wonder Woman. And maybe a whole lot from Shaun McLaughlin's 90s run.
  • The whole fantasy racism thing was pretty flat, actually. Not much depth in it.
  • Sooo many Aquaman refs... but I'm totally not an Aquaman fan. I know little more than the names, especially in the Arion myths.
  • I still don't understand what Greg makes of royalty. Perdita made little sense; Aquababy doesn't either. I'm from a kingdom. Minors can't be kings or queens (at least, not in the real world), the nation is ruled by regents in the meantime - most of the time either the widowed queen or the monarch's brother- so Orm would still be in a great position of power if Orin would die and Aquababy was young. Plenty of time for the Light to come up with something.

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