Better late than never...

Let's start off with the art. Christopher Jones is back, after a Luciano Vecchio fill-in last month. Vecchio wasn't bad, but the arms and legs seemes disproportionately long with him.

  • The art's a big strange, as if the inking is thinner previous issues. Especially visible in this frame.
  • Coloring is up to its usual standards; did they really give that black guy blue eyes? Wouldn't be the first time Zac Atkinson messed with biology.
  • A lot of face close ups in narrow frames. Happens a lot in the comics. I understand it makes sense from storytelling point of view, but I almost get the feeling Jones traces from earlier issues.
  • Finally, the Bio-Ship makes a comics appearance. Jones has remarked how difficult all those holographic computer screens were, I'm sure he was glad the Bio-Ship had limited screentime.
  • Jones likes to throw in easter eggs, both real life and comics. He incorporated Flash Comics #1 and Brave and the Bold #28 covers, added some creator names, and added Connie, the mascot of CONvergence, two or three times. So I'm a bit disappointed this issue only has one, Bichel Co., likely after his friend Hal Bichel.

Plot things.

  • Artemis... though I don't mind the sequence being so short, and mostly in reporting style (maybe it's deliberate and she's lying to GA!) I was expecting more.
  • I'm not sure how they got that "you've changed" past the radar.
  • A major bug in this issue was Clayface. How the hell can he know how to take down all the members one on one? How does he know Miss Martian would responds that way? How did he know Kid flash would fall for that? How would he know to go after Robin by playing Kid Flash? Unless he's a telepath, it's just plain wrong.

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