So... new comic.

  • Let's start with the art: I was a bit worried about a guest artist, especially one who has primarily done promotional artwork, but little actual comics. But my worries were shelved right on the first page. Luciano Vecchio did a fine job.
  • I'm missing Artemis. The way she was set up in the last issue for a solo adventure, and because earlier, Greg Weisman said her absence in Downtime would be explained in this issue.
  • Lucius sure looked a lot like Dr. Freeman from Kim Possible. I was reading him in his voice. I can just see him dancing.
  • I like the way the story progresses: backwards. It makes sure you keep focused.
  • And another origin for the Clayface. There's been a ton of Clayfaces, each has its own origin, but people keep coming up with new origins. Why? Simple, really. When you have to explain how a normal man became a shapeshifting behemoth, you need to come up with a good one. Hagen's original origin involved radioactive protoplasm (whatever that is), Batman: The Animated Series had him force fed a special cream. Ethan Bennet in The Batman got some Joker putty. I think "being locked in a Lazarus Pit for six months" makes a lot more sense. It only involved making Clayface a Shadow instead of an adventurer.
  • I'm liking Sensei and Ubu more by the minute.

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