So, with every episode that airs, we get three blog posts where everyone tells us what they liked and didn't like. I'm hoping to start a trend for the comics, a bit late, I know.

  • Carol Ferris and Tom Kalmaku in small roles - nice. Makes me wonder, though. Was this just a Ferris Aircraft missile, or does Hal work for the NASA? And are they in Houston, or just around the corner?
  • Some lovely Alfred moments at the Batcomputer. "You had better not be smiling". Hah. I was.
  • I wonder what's going on between Bruce and Talia. This will definitely open the door to the "OMG DAmien is soo coming in the seires" fantards.
  • Good to see at least someone of the JSA survived. But is Wildcat still active, or did he just put on his old duds like Jay?
  • I find it impossible to read Ra's with Oded Fehr's voice. All his words almost come naturally in David Warner's voice. Same with Talia: read her with Helen Slater's voice.
  • Sensei is a lot funnier than before. I hope he stays that way.

In all, it was a great story - but maybe not a great Young Justice story. This offers a new insight into Batman that we haven't seen yet. He's been rigid the entire show (except "Disordered", and he just looked weird) and to see him interact with Talia is... something you'd expect from mainstream Batman.

Any thoughts?

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