The Young Justice: Legacy crew just highlighted another one of their E3 interviews with Sharon Scott, Greg Weisman, and Brandon Vietti. Link

The interview mostly covers the same things Angry Joe covered in his interview that we got a few months ago. However, we got some interesting hints from Greg about the series.

  • The plot of the game begins small with the mission being only about finding a lost archaeologist. This then escalates to the overarching plot involving the Light and our super villains.
  • Nightwing is apparently a "dog" in this series as well. Greg hints that this will be elaborated upon in season two and the companion comic.
  • hides*.........Starfire is being considered for Young Justice season three, if the third season is approved.

I'm looking forward to some funny antics with Nightwing for the rest of season two. As for Starfire...well, I guess lots of people now have some hope for the future and we are all of course rooting for a season three. Only one more month to go guys!

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