• Tortor

    Who ISN'T the mole?

    January 23, 2012 by Tortor

    After reading all of the predictions and debates, I've finally decided to narrow it down-who ISN'T the mole on the team?

    We can narrow it down slowly:

    1. The one who revealed the 'inside source' could be meaning ties to the Light and who fough thtem in Bialya. He wasn't there, so how could he know?

    2. Arty is likely not the traitor-read the background comics.

    3. Kaldur-he was unconscious in Bialya, so how could he have known how his team did?

    4. Roy-he has been in his own for the majority of the season.

    5. Conner-we don't know much about how he was programmed, so he could be the mole but not even know it.

    6. Megan-White Martian, no doubt, but how would she have ties to the Light?

    7. Dick or Wally-No comment.

    8. Sphere-the object belonged to some on…

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  • Tortor

    spitfire in 'Disordered'

    January 1, 2012 by Tortor

    Okay...I was confused when people began discussing how Arty and Wally may have feelings for each other during their Black Canary therapy sessions. How does Arty's concern over Wally's reactions when he learns she's not GA's niece 'prove' she secretly loves him-I think it's because he's the one who pretty much tried to intimidate her and maybe they just realized they care for each other, but in a brother/sister way. What do you think?

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