• Timothydraketia

    The Five year time jump in continuity leaves alot of unanswered questions.

    There are some that you may not have noticed.

    For example. Team # desinations on the Young Justice Team.

    The Highest # designation we hear is B-22 Blue Beetle

    However we've only ever seen 17 members of the team (including Mal Duncan). (I don't think Sphere and Wolf are got designations).

    Asuming we saw the full roster and that the most recent member in Blue Beetle that leaves 6 team members who have joined and left in that five year gap!

    Terra?, Starfire?, Cyborg?, Jason Todd?. (My God I hope it's Jason I Love him). Any Ideas on who the other members could be.

    Then look at the Justice League.

    Captain Atom states other than the Six Heroes that went missing there were 15 otheā€¦

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