Spitefire is one my favorite ships. Spitefire has detph to its pairing  unlike wonderbeetle wich is only because they where what was left over in my eye but i digress. I knew wally and artemis where gonna be a pairing before the end of season 1 I knew it, you knew it, we all knew it. It all started in Denial when Kent told Wally to find your own little spitefire one who wont let you get away with nothin. Then the next major Spitefire episode was Befret Only because they dont know each other wally calls her beautiful numerous times. the next huge interaction between the two would be Insecurtiy, when Roy joins the team artemis is insecure about being the teams archer. Wally tells her not to worry and states that she will be the teams archer. Then in Usual Suspects when they where having there tell all moments , artemis speaks up and wall is right at her side  when she dose, Do i even have to talk about New years eve.

Come the time skip in season 2 we know in salvage that they are living together in Palo Alto. and come depth we learn that wally is not happy with artemis going away and putting the maske on again Would you

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