On the IRC a few of us on the wiki roleplay.When we roleplay we have missions like the team would. Though at the moment we are missing key members of the team like Artemis, Miss Martian, Batgirl, Aqualad and Bumblebee. Even though not all the heroes we use are from Young Justice. One of us use the hero spoiler. Members of the team that are taken

  1. Wonder Girl
  2. Superboy
  3. Nightwing
  4. Beast Boy
  5. Spoiler
  6. Static
  7. Blue Beetle
  8. Impulse
  9. Zatanna
  10. Red Robin
  11. Lagoon Boy
  12. Kid Flash
  13. Tempest
  14. Atom(Ryan Choi)
  15. Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)
  16. Starfire
  17. Aqualad
  18. Troia

We are also would like to see some Teen Titans like

  1. Cyborg
  2. Raven
  3. Hawk and Dove (Henry and Don Hall)

And many more. we also have missions here are a few missions that we have done

Zatanna: Klarion and the band return and defeat Doctor FAte and remove the helemt ! before Giovanni faints he sends a message to Zatanna to find a new doctor fate and rescue him . Will She and the team find a new fat in time to save her father?

Beast Boy: Gar is infected with toxins and starts transforming into a monster(were beast from teen titans) Can he find a cure before he loses complete control. A glimspe of the future will be seen

Red Robin: Two Face Emerges from hiding and takes out Batman , batgirl and nightwing Can tim muster up the courage to lead the team and defeat the foe that has taken down his more powerful comradese of the future will be seen

There are also some key facts to know about the roleplay

  • Wonder Girl and Superboy are married and have Three children Named Noah and Donna andTimothy (wonder boy , supergirl 3 and robin in the Future)
  • Nightwing is engaged to Zatanna
  • Static is dating Spoiler
  • This takes place in 2019

We have on very important rule no acting out of charater here is one example

Batman dose not kidnap little babies

We hope to see you roleplay

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