My first ever fan fic! It is written like a movie script, so enjoy forum!

(The camera has it's cover on, Robin takes off the lens cap and we see a close up on his face.)

Robin: Is it on? Is the camera on?

(He turns the camera around.)

Robin: (OC) Hi guys, this is my weekend at the Cave, part 1. Enjoy!

(The camera cuts to Wally's souvenir hall. Wally is there.)

Robin: (OC, He is Off camera for most of the film.) Hey Wally!

(Wally turns around.)

Wally: Hey Rob! What's with the camera?

Robin: I started doing an internet series last week, I just want to document what happens at the Cave on the weekends.

Wally: Okay, can I be in it?

Robin: You're already in it!

Wally: Sweet!

(Cut to the training room. Artemis is practicing with her bow and arrow.)

Wally: (Whispers to Robin.) Watch this!

(He sneeks up behind her, she doesn't notice.)

Wally: BOO!

Artemis: AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

(Wally and Robin start laughing their asses off!)


(Robin continues laughing.)

Artemis: Shut up Rob!!!

(Artemis storms off.)

Robin: That was perfect Wally! Lets go scare somebody else!

Wally: Sounds Awesome!

(Cut to Superboy in the kitchen. Wally is holding the camera now. Robin tip toes towards him. Superboy doesn't notice at all. )

Robin: BOO!!!

Superboy: WHAT THE F**K!

(Wally nearly collapses on the floor laughing. Robin lets out his creepy laugh.)

Superboy: What is with you two?

Rob: Hey, we just wanna have a good time!

(Robin starts running away, Wally follows him at normal speed.)

Part two coming soon!

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