(15 minutes after Artemis leaves Wally to donate blood.)

Artemis hated needles. But in her defense, who actually loves needles? In didn't matter. The doctor got her pint of blood and Wally would live to be 16, assuming that he wouldn't annoy her to the point of murder.

Doctor Thompkins handed her a carton of orange juice and a cookie. "Eat this quickly, I may have took a little more blood than I needed."

Those words worried Artemis, "How much more?"

"About a third of a pint. Whatever I don't use I'll give back to you."

As the doctor took m the blood and left, Megan walked in. "Hi."

"Hey," said Artemis as she munched on her cookie.

"Did you donate the blood?"

"A whole pint and a third."

"Isn't that dangerous?"

"Naw, what ever she doesn't use, she'll put it back."

Megan used her powers to float over a chair to sit beside Artemis. "I have to ask you something," said Megan.

"Okay, go ahead," replied Artemis as she sipped her juice.

"Do you love Wally?"

Artemis spit out her juice onto Megan. It was the spit take of the year. "Say what!"

Megan wiped the juice off her face. "Do love Wally?"

Artemis hesitated a little bit. "I.... uhhh.... no."

"Then why did you donate blood?"

"Because he saved my frigging life! That raor boomerang would've killed me."

"Actually, it would have just cust off your pony tail."

"Never mind! Anyways, he did me a favour, and I am just returning it."

"Whatever," said Megan. She got up from her chair and left the room.

Megan's little visit left a question engraved into Artemis's head. Why did Wally risk his life for me? He could have let the razor cut off her head. But he instead got his arm severed off.

"Why would he do that?" wondered Artemis.

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