"What happened?" said Megan as he flew out of the kitchen.

She gasped in horror at the sight of Wally. His arm was nearly torn off and was bleeding quickly. A small strip of skin was the only thing attaching Wally West to his left fore arm.

"It's Superboy's fault! He threw my razor boomerang," explained Robin.

"Hey, you gave me the razor!" said Superboy.

"Never mind that!" screamed Artemis. She helped Wally up. "Are you okay?"

Wally groaned a bit, "I can't.... feel.... my fingers...."

Artemis walked him into the kitchen, the rest of the team followed. She sat him down on a chair and used kitchen twine to create a tourniquet to prevent Wally from losing blood. "I cook with that you know," Megan interjected.

"I think I'm gonna pass out," said Wally.

Artemis was very worried. "What are we gonna do?"

Kaldur wasn't sure. For once in his time as team leader, he had no plan. "I know a doctor," said Robin. "Her name is Leslie Thompkins, I think she can save him."

"Great, where is she?" asked Kaldur.

"Gotham city."

"Great, lets go!" said Kaldur. He scooped Wally up in a firemans hold and ran towards the zeta beam teleporters as everyone followed him.

"B-0 1 Robin, B-0 2 Kid Flash, B-0 3, Aqualad, B-0 4 Superboy, B-0 5 Miss Martian, B-0 7 Artemis," said the computer.

(about 15 minutes later.)

Everyone ran through the Gotham streets. Robin pointed everyone to the right street and everntually, they made it. Robin ran inside and called for the doctor. "Doctor Thompkins! I need your help!"

An old, silver haired woman walked outside of her office. "Richard, you are not in costume!"

"Forget that Doctor, by best friend's life's at stake!"

Leslie Thompkins took a look at Wally as Kaldur put him down. "Dear lord! What happend?"

"Razor boomerang, it sliced through his arm!"

"Well, take him inside!" ordered Leslie.

Artemis led Wally inside the office and into the operation room. "Artemis, what's gonna happen now?" asked Wally.

She simply shrugged, "I don't know, but I'm scared for you."

She helped him lie down on the operating table. Dr. Thompkins wheeled in a tank of anesthesia for the operation.

"I have a accelerated metabolism," said Wally. "Anesthsia doesn't work on my body."

"What!" scream Dr. Thompkins.

"Same with sedatives, nothing will knock me out."

The doctor screamed in frustration. "Then you'll have to just endure the pain!:"

She picked up her scalple and cut into Wally's arm. "Sh*t, this hurts!" said Wally.

Everyone left the room, except for Artemis. Dr. Thompkins didn't mind. As long as Wally would be comfortable.

"Your wound is healing quickly, but not proporly!" explained the Doctor.

"What!" screamed Artemis.

"I'm gonna have to cut your arm and break the bone again."

"Crap," exclaimed Wally.

"Just close you eyes," assured Artemis. "I'm here with you."

END OF PART 2, NEXT PART COMING. (Another cliffhanger!)

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