Listen, I'm just as pissed as you are with the 5 year time slip, but it's not that I'm upset about. Heck, I'm really happy with it! I'm whelmed!

What pisses is me off is the fact that they're not "Young Justice" anymore. Minus Cassie, Jaime, and Gar, everyone else is over 18! It's not Young Justice anymore, it's "Slightly-Older-but-still-young-enough-to-be-considered-Young Justice." (Side joke I have to throw in: If Young Justice was a porn movie, it'd be called, "Not-so-Young-Anymore Justice. lol)

Yeah, so basically, I'll miss all of the relatable teen antics of the show. They're not a group of horny-teenagers, now they're just kids learning about the birds and the bees and college students who need to get some.

Gosh, but out of all my reasons to feel sad, I am gonna miss Spitfire the most. (Sheds tear) Don't judge me! Every Spitfire shipper on tumblr is sad with me. And supermartian shippers, I'm pretty sure you felt something when M'gann kissed La..... I can't spell his name.

Since I ship Spitfire so hard, I actually spent a good 20 minutes crying in my bed Saturday afternoon. The Coldplay song "Fix you" played as I ate a tub of ice cream, it was sad.

Well, that's it's for now. I pretty much have nothing else to say.

I like eggs?

Your mum?



Okay, BYE!!!!

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