From what I've heard, Young Justice won`t be airing new episodes till January. February if the episodes get delayed even more.

When I heard this, I litarally screamed: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! NO!!!! GOD NO!!!! ................NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOT ANOTHER HIATUS!!!! We already went through all that for 6 months, why must we go through this again.

And yes, I do understand that this is a shorter hiatus, but the original one left me feeling fragile. So any other hiatus type event will leave me annoyed.

Oh, and I know this is a very crude blog post. I have my reasons: I had my wisdom teeth taken out and it hurt like a lot!!!!! I needed the epic-ness of a new Young Justice episode to ease the pain, but that was not possible. SO PAINFULL TOOTHACHE IT IS!!!!!!!!

So, to recap: A mini-hiatus is coming, and I feel like crying. I have a toothache that hurts like know. And if YJ does not air new episodes soon, then I will jump out of a window.

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