Step 1: Cry.

Let your emotions fall out with a few gallons of tears or ice cream. If you're favorite shipping was broken up or they've been completely deleted from the show, just cry. If you have YJ addicted friend, cry with them.

Step 2 Listen to an empowering song

It helps you get your hopes up.

Step 3. Rant online.

I suggest going to an episode discussion page on the YJ wiki. Trust me, there are people who feel just as upset as you.

Step 4 cry again

It helps.

Step 5 write an angry letter to Greg Wiseman.

It's just more ranting, but who knows, he might read you angry letter.

Step 6 Stare at a photo of Roy Harper's arms

Clone or not, that boy is FINE!!!! Even if you're a boy, you might just go gay.

Step 7 write a fanfiction on how YOU want the show to be done.

Said and explained.

Step 8 Get hope.

Look to the future and pray that YJ will change, get your favourite ship, or even forget that fricken' 5 year time slip and show what happened to (Insert characters you want here)

And finally, step 9. Cry until you throw up


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