So forum, I came up with this in the middle of class, but it is really funny!

(Kaldur is fighting the Mantas with Tula. Garth swims towards them.)

Garth: Tula!

(Tula sees a Manta behind him aiming his gun.)

Tula: Garth, look out!

(She swims towards him and pushes Garth out of the way. She gets hit instead!)

Garth: NO!

Kaldur: Tula!

(Everyone swims towards an injured Tula, including Mera and Prince Orm.)

Mera: My lord, Tula!

Orm: What do we do?

Kaldur: No Tula! Why couldn't it have been Garth!?!

(Everyone stares at him.)

Garth: Wow Kaldur!

(Tula wakes up.)

Tula: Really dude, what the f**k!

Orm: You d**k faced mother f**ker!

Mera: Get out of here, go to the surface world, don't even come back!

(Kaldur swims away from the battle.)

Kaldur: Yeesh! I was just saying what was on my mind!


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