Hey forum, have you seen my last post? How Infiltrator should of went? Okay, here is something like that. But this time, with Denial! Enjoy.

(Scene. Wally puts the helmet of fate on his shelf. Artemis walks in.)

A: (Clears throat.) Hey there speedster.

W: Hi Artemis.

A: Do you beileve in magic now?

W: No. When I put on the magic, it was all smoke and mirrors.

A: Wait, after all this, you still don't beileve?

W: Yep.

A: Dang it!

W: What?

A: Me and Megan had a bet. If you don't beileve, I have to kiss you.

W: Okay. I'm fine with that.

(Artemis walks over to Wally and Kisses him. In mid kiss Robin walks in.)

R: Hey KF, I'm back from-

(He sees the kissing. Artemis and Wally don't see him.)

R: Yeesh!

(He walks away. Megan walks by.)

M: Hey guys, did you-

(Her facial expression. O_O)

M: Wow, she lost the bet.

HA ha! This was sooo.... easy to make

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