YAY! I'm writing my YJ HISHE's again!

Anyways, here is Bereft!

(Robin, Artemis, Kid Flash, and Miss Martian are runing through the desert.)

Robin: According to my GPS, Kaldur should be right!!!

(They find Kaldur unconscience on the ground.)

Artemis: Oh my god, is he dead?

Kid Flash: (He feels Kaldurs pulse.) He still has a pulse, but it's slow. We gotta do something, or else he won't make it!

Miss Martian: (Groans a bit.) Oh my god! Superboy's in pain! I can feel it. I gotta save him!

Robin: But Miss M! Wally can't run Kaldur to the bio ship, you gotta fly him there!


(Miss Martian flies away, leaving the 4 heroes alone.)

Kid Flash: Wow. (Turns to Artemis.) She's a bigger bitch then you.

Artemis: (Shrugs.) Someone had to be eventually.

Robin: So.... since Megan left us out here with no water, and no means of transport.....we are.....possibly f*cked.

Kid Flash: I guess so.

Hope you've enjoyed some Young Justice crack. You are my clients, I am your dealer. Adios amigos!

Also, some people have told me that I cannot swear on my blog posts. In my defence: This is the internet, I can do what ever the f*ck I want!

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