Failsafe, what the f*ck?!!?

Hi, you're here because you want to know why I said the f-word in the title, okay, I'll tell you.

When I watched failsafe, I thought that it'd be... oh, I dunno.... How about: F*cking awesome!!!

But instead, I saw this rather depressing episode of a children's cartoon. There was just too many deaths, I don't like seeing people die, especially in children's cartoons.

Another aspect I didn't like was the fact that this episode ended like a f*cking M. Knight Shaymalan movie. Seriously? A pyschic trainig session? You know, the reason that X-men evolution is more popular is the fact that they have a danger room! (Where nobody can die. They could get hurt, but they could not die.)

There were somethings I loved about the episode though. I loved the spitfire stuff. That was definetly the only reason I stayed to the end. I loved the fact that Zatanna had a cameo even though she was "Grounded for life!" in the last episode.

I just imagined this scene.

Zatara: Zatanna, you are now un-grounded.

Zatanna: Really? I thought I was grounded for life.

Zatara: You were, but it's an alien invasion and if I die, you're gonna go out there and fight!!!

Zatanna: Okay.

Zatara: Good. Bye Zatanna! Oh, and remember, you are re-grounded-for-life once this invasion is over.

Zatanna: What!

Zatara: Bye bye! (Uses some magic spell that I can't write to teleport away.)

I'm sorry, but I must point out something I didn't like. At the end where J'onn said that Megan was a stronger telepath then him, that was pretty much a middle finger to me. Why? Because I was in the process of writing a fanfiction featuring an original character who was a powerfull telepath and telekinetic. More powerfull than Megan. But now, I have to scrap the idea because Megan is apparently the most f*cking powerfull telepath ever! God! now I have to do a sh*t tonne of rewriting!!!

Anyways, I'd rate this episode a 7/10. But that's just my rating, feel free to make your own.

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