Yeah, as you can tell by the title, I, TheOceanspray99, am 100 percent addicted to Young Justice slash. Don't get me wrong, I love Spitfire to death, but for some reason, I find Artanna or BirdFlash more entertaining and romantic.

Don't judge me! I find Artanna completely hot and it's addicting. (I'm not gay though, I'm just a fangirl.)

And BirdFlash, well, weren't you there for episode 1?

Oh, and I can't write a blog post like this without mentioning Koy! During Insecurity, when Sportsmaster threw a bomb at Kaldur in the water, I was expecting Roy to scream "MY BOYFRIEND!!!!! I MEAN FRIEND!!!!!"

It's fun to ship YJ slash, but apparently, not a lot of you seem to agree with my messed up couples. In my blog post "How Auld Aqquaintence should have ended" everyone seemed against Artanna, Koy, and BirdFlash.

So my question to you is: are you? Do you hate all of the slash that the YJ fandom has created?

My curiosity asks for your answer, so please leave a comment explaining your feelings. It would be nice if you would.

Oh, and while I'm asking questions, I gotta ask this: What do you thing of Kaldur/Zatanna? I've written a fanfic or two on them and everyone seemed to hate it. So please answer that as well.

That's pretty much it YJ fans, see ya later!

TheOceanspray99 out!

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