• TheOceanspray99

    Okay, so I've been looking around the internet about the new YJ episode, Beneath, and a lot of people are saying that it'll be a FEMALE CENTERED EPISODE.

    I hope it is!!!! Do I have to say it twice? I REALLY hope it is!!!

    As a female myself, I believe that this episode will ROCK!!!

    It will be Legen- WAIT FOR IT AND IF YOU'RE LACTOSE INTOLERANT -dary!!!!!

    Well, more legendary than the season premier.

    Okay Angelfishes (Yes, I'm calling you that now and waffle points if you know what video this is from) go crazy in the comments.

    It's gonna be a Batgirl, BumbleBee, Miss Martian, and Wonder Girl episode. We can be crazy!!!!

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  • TheOceanspray99

    Invasion shall take it's course, and it may destroy everything we have come to love.

    When Supermartian broke up, CN shot my hert down like a dove.

    We can rant all we want, weather we hate or love YJ.

    And mad fans will still check out the show every saturday.

    Even though the show's ratings might go higher and higher.

    It might not be worth it if you're gonna destroy spitfire.


    (Sobs) I miss Spitfire you guys..... (Crawls up into ball) Help MEEEEEeeeee........

    I need more spitfire, tell me that there's gonna be more spitfire. I want Wally and Artemis back!!!! I don't care if one of them had died, I just need to know that the New YEar's kiss on Auld Aqquaintences meant something!!! (Cries a bit)

    AND D…

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  • TheOceanspray99

    I may be pointing out the obvious, but I don't like the 5 year time skip. I don't hate it, but it isn't cool with me.

    I must get this out, Greg Wiseman might like his show, but he needs to SLOW THE HECK DOWN!!!! (This statement is worth adding swears to, but I've been told not to.)

    So yeah, I want this show to slow down. It's too damn rushed. This isn't glee! YJ fans aren't just gonna suddenly be 'OK' with rushed or sloppy episodes. I have a feeling that something awesome is coming out way, but c'mon! This show needs to loose some speed and take it slowly.

    I wanna know about the backgrounds of the new team. The time is somewhat bad, but the fact that the new team randomly appears without explanation, CN won't be getting away with that!

    Does an…

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  • TheOceanspray99

    Yeah, as you can tell by the title, I, TheOceanspray99, am 100 percent addicted to Young Justice slash. Don't get me wrong, I love Spitfire to death, but for some reason, I find Artanna or BirdFlash more entertaining and romantic.

    Don't judge me! I find Artanna completely hot and it's addicting. (I'm not gay though, I'm just a fangirl.)

    And BirdFlash, well, weren't you there for episode 1?

    Oh, and I can't write a blog post like this without mentioning Koy! During Insecurity, when Sportsmaster threw a bomb at Kaldur in the water, I was expecting Roy to scream "MY BOYFRIEND!!!!! I MEAN FRIEND!!!!!"

    It's fun to ship YJ slash, but apparently, not a lot of you seem to agree with my messed up couples. In my blog post "How Auld Aqquaintence should ha…

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  • TheOceanspray99

    Step 1: Cry.

    Let your emotions fall out with a few gallons of tears or ice cream. If you're favorite shipping was broken up or they've been completely deleted from the show, just cry. If you have YJ addicted friend, cry with them.

    Step 2 Listen to an empowering song

    It helps you get your hopes up.

    Step 3. Rant online.

    I suggest going to an episode discussion page on the YJ wiki. Trust me, there are people who feel just as upset as you.

    Step 4 cry again

    It helps.

    Step 5 write an angry letter to Greg Wiseman.

    It's just more ranting, but who knows, he might read you angry letter.

    Step 6 Stare at a photo of Roy Harper's arms

    Clone or not, that boy is FINE!!!! Even if you're a boy, you might just go gay.

    Step 7 write a fanfiction on how YOU want the show t…

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